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Almost everyone who uses Chrome as their main browser will eventually experience Shockwave Flash errors. Since there are two Flash entries competing for the tasks, Chrome gets confused and shuts down Flash completely. Anyone can fix this error in a few simple steps.

Our guide will outline how to stop Shockwave Flash from crashing in Chrome.

Flash Plugin - Keep it up to date and troubleshoot problems

Next, find the Adobe Flash Player entry which should be at the top of the list. This is what the entry should look like. As you can see, there are two separate Shockwave Flash components listed. The top entry represents the built-in Flash player in Chrome and the entry beneath is for the Flash component built into Windows. What you want to do is disable the built-in Shockwave Flash component in Chrome and let the Flash component in Windows do all the work.

If the Flash-crashing problem persists no matter how many times you disable it in the plug-ins manager, another solution is permanently disabling the Flash player in Chrome. Next, search your computer for the location of the Flash player. In this section, you will also find the name of your OS version. In case Adobe's automatic check is not working, right-click on any Flash video to get the Flash version number displayed at the end of the popup box. It goes something like this- About Adobe Flash Player x. As a part of its efforts to improve user experience and help users avoid security issues, Adobe keeps on releasing updates at regular intervals.

When developing updated versions of Flash Player, developers focus extensively on addressing bugs and security issues that plagued the last version. To ensure smooth sailing, it is imperative that you keep your Flash updated to the latest version. To check the latest version of Flash Player for different browsers, visit the Adobe Flash Player page. Pepper Flash Player includes a range of features, helping it get the upper hand over Flash Player.

Currently Pepper Flash is compatible with only Chromium and Chrome. It is a separate Debian package. Both packages can co-exist for some time until Adobe stops providing security support for its Flash Player. Mac users are a lucrative target for hackers. Scamsters are known to exploit Flash Player vulnerabilities to deliver malware to Mac systems. When your Flash Player gets outdated, Apple automatically blocks the version you are using to help steer clear of security issues.

While most websites now do not require the use of Flash, some are still dependent on the technology. If you want to visit these websites, you will have to keep Adobe Flash for Mac installed on your system. Make it a point to download and install the latest version as and when it is available.

Download only from trustworthy and reputable websites. Mac users usually do not face any problems running the latest version of Flash on their systems; however, given the fact that Apple does not support Flash Player, you will have to introduce minor tweaks. To get your system ready, follow these instructions:. What is Flash Player Mac.

The Following Plug-in Has Crashed: Shockwave Flash

Top choice. Elmedia 4. Olga Weis Jun 25, Why won't Adobe Flash Player work on my Mac? Do I need Flash Player on my Mac? Is it safe to download Adobe Flash Player on Mac? How to play local SWF files on Mac? How to install Adobe Flash Player on Mac For your convenience, we have broken down the entire installation process into different steps.

Go to Adobe Flash Player page. Once you are on the page, click the Download Now button. After you click the Download Now button, the installer will be saved in the downloads folder. You can choose an alternative location to save the file.

Flash Player is blocked on Chrome | Adobe Community

Go to your Downloads folder and look for. Double-click on the button that says Install Adobe Flash Player. Before the system finally starts installing the file, it will ask you whether you really want to install it.

How to Enable Adobe Flash Player on Chrome Browser

Now is the best time to take a good look at the file. Ensure that it is the same file you downloaded. To go to the next step, click Open. A checkbox will appear on your screen.

Stop Shockwave Flash crashing in Google Chrome

To agree to the terms and conditions of use, select the checkbox. Click the Install button. A window will appear asking you to type your username and password. Once you authenticate your identity, click the Install Helper button. Though not mandatory, we recommend that you select Allow Adobe to install updates. Select Done. Once you have successfully downloaded and installed Flash, restart your browser. Install SWF player Mac. Select the animation you want to watch. Better mouse control Do you love playing flash games on your Mac?

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Interactivity Flash media player enables users to get the most out of their Flash files and games with interactive elements. After launching Safari, go to the Apple menu bar. Select Preferences. Refresh your browser tab. Alternatively, relaunch your browser. From the Safari menu, select Preferences. Select the Security tab. Select Internet plug-ins and click Website Settings. Once you select Shockwave Flash from the drop-down menu, the following window will be displayed on your screen.

From the dropdown menu, select Allow for websites for which you want Flash to be enabled. You may choose to block other sites. Click Done and refresh the page. Though you can skip this step, we recommend that you select Ask first.

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Once you have successfully launched Opera, select Preferences in the menu bar. How to update Flash Player on Mac Over the past few years, Adobe has been trying hard to improve its user experience.

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When updating, follow the below instructions: 1. Go to the Apple menu. Once you are there, select System Preferences or from your Dock. Select the Flash Player option displayed at the bottom left corner of your screen. Select the Updates tab and choose the Check now button. If there is an update available, click on the Yes icon to complete the task. How to update Flash Player on Mac Chrome Over the past few years, the popularity of Chrome has surged to unprecedented levels. Component updated — This status means that the plugin was successfully updated to the most recent version.

The version number will be displayed next to the message. No update — Denotes that Adobe has not yet released an update for the plugin. Component not updated — Your last attempt to download the latest version of Flash Player failed. This can be due to several reasons. To enable your Adobe plugin to load, quit and relaunch your browser.

Other browsers usually follow the same rules we outlined for Mozilla Firefox.