RealTek (瑞昱) RTL8191SU drivers for other System

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View in English. It's gonna be soon. After a clean install I followed your instructions to the letter. The driver seems to be working just fine. Now it's all right, and as I said I don't know what happened, it just started working fine after many dsdt, chameleon and kexts tested while trying to get speedstep working. Great work Lnx2Mac. Will be testing for sleep and more as soon as I can get it running fine, otherwise I won't know what to blame for the problems that may occur.

Thanks for great works.. It works with bonjour. Jinhwan: Bonjour should work with the driver. Please see Reporting Problems above. First of all many thanks for your great work. Unfortunately, I have the problem that I can use wake on lan not, I had the hope to me that with your kext is possible. Sorry, could also not solve the problem. Thank you. PS: please excuse my English, is translated by google. Best regards Marco. Unfortunately, the driver doesn't sense when an Ethernet cable is plugged in and I don't get a connection.

Any hints what I could try? Marco: I didn't understand. It should work if you enable it in the BIOS. If you still have problems, please see Reporting Problems above. If you still have issues, please see Reporting Problems above. Network connection shown as active but it does not work. Only tried the kext, as this card works anyway without any kext or other hack not tried Bonjour though. Anonymous: This driver currently doesn't support the RTL This is solved in a new version I'm about to release. There's no option in 'Energy Saver' to 'Wake for Ethernet network'. Any ideas?

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I'm using the stock kext at the mo Jaraeez. Jaraeez: As of v0. Regarding the issues with the Official Realtek kext, it seems to work OK for some, while others reported many issues with it. I'd suggest going back to this v0. Please report back, Lnx2Mac. Jaraeez: Apparently VMware disables multicast when a virtual machine is shutdown, effectively leading to "losing the network". I'd suggest you to contact VMware on this. No more. How do I fix it?. Anonymous: Can you be a bit more specific? Also, please see Reporting Problems above.

Note that WOL is enabled in the driver, and as of v0. Please report back if you still have issues with it. Hi, I will explain my problem. Then I reset the computer and install the audio kext and your network kext. The audio works but the network does not work. In addition, the computer loads slow and the screen freezes. So, I turn off by pressing the power button, wait 15 seconds, switch on and it boots up fine, but the network operates. If I turn my computer correctly, restarting is the same. Wol is enabled in bios. I use a loader of iboot. I installed the debug version, but can't find the log.

Could there be a file that is blocking the wol from working. I hope you can bring some light in the tunnel. Anonymous: Regarding your issues please see Reporting Problems above However, it seems your problems span beyond Network. What do you mean by "the kext from pds3"? How about joining the tonymacx86 forum?

I visit and provide support there almost every day. May be you can discuss this with fellow PDS3 users in tonymacx86's forum. Anonymous: I don't think the should work at least in Linux it requires a different driver. However, please open a topic in the RTL81xx beta testing subforum so you can post debug logs, etc. Hi lnx2mac! I posted a comment on Oct 8th, re WOL working only erratically. It's taken me a while to work this out, partly due to my lack of time, partly because I was completely on the wrong track!

So the good news up front: WOL works perfectly for me with your driver! And that apparently made my php script stop working properly without any visible signs that id did! I'm sorry if my comment made you waste your valuable time, but at least take note that I have immediately posted my comment as soon as I found out the cause Thanks again for your work!

Even when the machine is powered off, not just sleeping. Thanks for reporting back! I am very willing to act as a tester for such support in your driver. If you are interested you can mail me at trograin [at]gmail. Boban: Unfortunately, the s is a different family, and Linux's r driver on which my RTL81xx is based doesn't support it. With this driver, both interfaces were immediately discovered. For the stability, I have to wait a little bit more. Hi, Great work. Sleep working fine althought a bit more time to wake up than RSL. Anonymous: Thanks for your comment! WOL does work , but is always enabled.

Any thoughts? Hi again, WOL does indeed work. The problem is that "Wake on Ethernet access" cannot be enabled because the relevant checkbox is missing in the Energy Saver Preference Pane. Airport Extreme or Time Capsule to wake up computers when a service registered with the sleep proxy server is accessed. When this capability is implemented, the DNSResponder daemon tells the bonjour proxy server that the system is going to sleep before actually going to sleep which enables the Bonjour proxy server to carry on advertising the service although the host is sleeping.

This feature works with the original 2. Realtek driver and iis the only way to wake up a host on a network with an airport extreme or time capsule router. Any idea how to make this work. Anonymous: Thanks for your very detailed description on Wake On Demand! I'm pretty sure that once I release a new beta with WoL , it will work!

Will appreciate if you could please contact me via email so we can test this together. Thanks, Lnx2Mac.

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Guilherme Levandoski: Still working on this However, doesn't the Apple vanilla driver work for you? Anonymous: Haven't tried it with Leopard Why don't you upgrade to Snow? I am on Snow right now, but I have some issues to deal with. If I will not be able to solve them, I will go back to Leo. So OK, when and if I'll get my Leo back i will test it and report. Anonymous: Sorry to hear about your issues with Snow. Care to share? Why don't you join tonymacx86's forum?

Most annoying: spaces get stuck with no keyboard OSX problem - log out needed; Anonymous: If Leopard works for you better than Snow, that's fine Actually, I'm still running it on my MacBookPro 17 but that's due to lack of time to install and restore all my stuff. Please report back how the driver works for you on Error during system load.

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  • Anyway, just a brief testing, as now I am back to Seems like the latest and greatest of Hackintosh apps have put Leo into oblivion, although not officially. Not so good news for us with older hardware. Anonymous: Not at this time The is part of the family, whereas I'm currently focusing on the Lnx2Mac This actually got my working. Tried it for giggles and it worked. Does timeout occasionally. But went 24hrs without dropping yesterday. Then my main disk had an error that disk utilities couldn't fix, so I formatted and restored from a time machine backup. After reinstalling Chameleon and a few other things, I noticed my bonjour wasn't working anymore.

    I uninstalled your driver and installed the "official" one. I wasn't able to fix this, so I pulled out that driver and reinstalled yours. Same problem! Any idea how to fix? Please post back if that helps. Hi Lnx2Mac, First of all, thanks for the great driver for the hacintosh community! Please let me know what you need me to do to help you get this to work. Anonymous: Thanks for your feedback!

    See Reporting Problems in the post body. Thanks for the info. I think I have run into the same situation the other poster encountered above. Let's hope you can figure it out soon Thanks again. Direct WOL should work Which WOL utility are you using? The one I use is ReadPixel's and works wonderfully. Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate it since I've been trying to solve this issue by searching the internet for a long time.

    I don't use any WOL utility. I'll have to check out ReadPixel's tomorrow, and see if it works. It works!!! Donation is on its way One issue I had, probably totally unrelated to your driver, but maybe somewhat related to your post re. After that, my network stopped working after sleep. Just in case someone else experiences the same problem, here's my bit! Thanks again for your hard work! Wildschwein: Thanks for sharing If you feel like doing it, it might help if you could install the debug version of the driver, and email me lnx2mac gmail.

    All-in-one kext for Realtek Wireless USB adapters [El Capitan ready] - Wireless - Hackintosh Zone

    I still have auto-negotiation issues, will only connect with Mbit with my Switch. Manual settings will not work either. AppleRTL kext either. BR, Karlson. Karlson: Can you try with a different cable or on another switch port? Are other computers linking at 1Gbps with your switch? Hey man. Install realtek driver using multibeast, network worked until restart. Used your driver - had some double click issues - is this the USB thing people talking about?

    Sleep worked good though. None of the kext mentioned earlier in the extra folder. Repaired permission, built chaches etc. Yesterday I even had the little ethernet light going! Thanks for you great work. See Reporting Problems above, and join the conversation ;. Good Luck! I saw this feature is on your roadmap, do you have any idea on when you are going to release the first beta supporting such feature? I can't wait to evaluate how much it will boost performances in Mac-to-NAS transfers. Anonymous: Glad it helps you! I've been quite busy lately, so I'm working on this just on weekends Hope the wait won't be too long Stay tuned ;.

    Any progress on the control in the Energy Saver pane of System Preferences? Thanks :. I'm still polishing some rough-edges before going Beta with it. I've got the following issue with the network that I was told would be cured with your driver, but unfortunately it wasn't. The issue is that my network keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. Any outcoming request causes dropping of the connection and after some seconds it re-enables itself. For example I open Safari, type an address, hit Enter and it says I don't have connection to Internet.

    After a while the page I requested reloads by itself and opens up.

    Dmesg and Iwconfig results after clean vm image installed

    If I click any link on that page it would again show me a connection error page and then would again refresh itself and show the page at the link. System update doesn't work because of it, as it begins searching for the updates, but then shows an error Do you have any ideas why I am experiencing this? Thanks in advance! Denis: Please see Reporting Problems , above. I'll need you to install the debug version of the driver and post your kernel.

    Thanks for a prompt answer!

    Lnx2Mac's Realtek RTL81xx Driver

    I resolved the issue actually. As soon as I made DHCP to assign a local network address to the interface everything works like a charm. I see Ethernet in Settings Thanks, solved my issues with interface not available in windows after reboot and slow 10mbit connection in OSX.

    Asus p7hm usb3. Anonymous: Check this post to see if it helps getting a connection